Thank you all!

Thank you for your presence, for your good mood, thank you for your kindness.  It was an anthology Bar Citizen! With records set, BE@Con beer kegs siphoned off, boulets devoured. 

Partner – HEPL

The HEPL is an education open to everyone for the future of all! It offers 70 courses in 12 fields. Each year, more than 10,500 students attend the 10 HEPL campuses.

Bar Citizen – Giveaway announcement

This year again we have a lot of giveaways from our partners!

Bar Citizen – Chris Harrow

Creator of the Xi'an language in the Star Citizen universe and expert in Xenolinguistics, Chris Harrow will be present at the Bar Citizen on May 20th in Liege! 

Bar Citizen – Jared Huckaby

As mentioned during the live show, Jared Huckaby (aka Discolando) will be present at the Bar Citizen on May 20th! CIG's Creative Content Lead will be in our bar to meet Backers, and people who might have questions to ask him! 

THANK YOU to you all!

After 24 hours (Ah... No, 25 hours and 31 minutes, I was told at the control room) we are here, tired, but happy, and Proud to have been able to present you this live show which had an exponential impact! 

Guest – ATMO Esports

ATMO Esports (formerly Daymar Rally) is Star Citizen's first Esports structure. Founded by Cor5air in 2018, this organisation aims to bring players together in a competitive environment in various formats.

Guest – Jorunn

Jorunn, a passionate and active Star Citizen player since 2015, is the creator of The Jump Accord organisation as well as the 890JumpClub and has a whole range of in-game ships to showcase the 'Verse.

Partner – Thrustmaster

Thrustmaster, pioneers in flight simulation since 1990, is honored and delighted to be a partner of our 24-hour live event on April 28th and 29th, as well as the Bar Citizen on May 20th!