Jorunn, a passionate and active Star Citizen player since 2015, is the creator of The Jump Accord organisation as well as the 890JumpClub and has a whole range of in-game ships to showcase the ‘Verse.

Thrustmaster, pioneers in flight simulation since 1990, is honored and delighted to be a partner of our 24-hour live event on April 28th and 29th, as well as the Bar Citizen on May 20th!

Tobii, proud partners of our 24h live event and our Bar Citizen, are once again spoiling you!

With his fellow comrade ENDER, GRIM, co-founder of the Youtube channel STARJUMP, who graces us with magnificent 3D video animations and recognized streamer by the community.

John Raine is the co-founder of JRDF-Fabrication. Known and recognized by CIG and the gaming community, he and his wife create miniature replicas of Star Citizen vehicles, amazing in detail and realism.

Our 24-hour live show on 28 and 29 April will feature a number of guest stars! Among them: Gavin Rothery, the prolific ship designer and science fiction director.

Thomas Eberhard is the creator of Squadrons Strategy Card Game.
A card game project in the Star Citizen universe that he has been working on for 6 years.

Chris Harrow, a German national, is an expert in the Xi’an and Banu languages, for which he created the characters. He is even the director of the Xenolinguistic Institute of the UEE and works closely with Cloud Imperium Games on a part of the development that he can’t talk about today.

The Be@con team is happy to meet you again and to finally announce the beginning of its 2023-2024 fiscal year. Many projects are under development, but the best way to not miss anything is to come to our 24-hour Live Marathon from April 28th to April 29th.