About us

Historically, community events related to Star Citizen were called “Citizen Bars”.

Members of the Star Citizen community choose to get together for a drink, without any real organisation. Liege and Belgium have had their share of these, but a small team of enthusiasts decided to join forces to offer events on a different scale. From this will was born the Be@con Events association.

The association Be@con Events ASBL became the origin of the organisation of many events such as Citizen Bars, LIVE streams, and of course the eponymous event: the Be@con. The objects of this association are: the promotion of digital arts, and the creation of cultural and educational social links.

The main objective of the Be@con Events association is not only to allow players to meet, but also to propose an environment, activities, guests,… that are all more immersive and directly related to the subject: Star Citizen.

The first edition of the Be@con event in 2022 was a real bet. A huge investment was made by all the volunteers and managers, and the result was great, as the attendance exceeded that of any other community event until then (1.000 visitors over 2 days).

In 2022, Be@con Events proposed :

Free access stands to play Star Citizen, DCS or FlightSim with equipment provided by our partners Thrustmaster, AlfaComputer, Tobii and CIG.

The appearance of many quality guests including Brian Chambers, Pedro Camacho, Thorsten Leimann, Ulf.

The appearance of active members of the community (ATMO Esports, JRDF, StarJump, Chris Harrow, Thomas Eberhard, Pulsar42, MGG, and various streamers)

An Immersive Bar with quality local food AND an exclusive Be@con beer.

And many more…

The objectives of the next events will not be less, and with these first experiences, the Be@con Events association wishes to continue to propose events by the community, for the community.

Thus, all the support it receives from YOU, by your skills, your time, your financial support, or simply your presence, will allow more and more spectacular events.

Organisation Comittee :

  • Acta
  • Chocolista
  • Commander-Fran
  • Feni
  • Fred Granger
  • Lisalys
  • Magnas
  • Mahj